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OC meme!

Journal Entry: Fri May 23, 2014, 7:29 AM

Yay! I haven't done these in a LONG while :) So I just stole it from :iconm3004: ehehe go check hers too :)

This will be a male only OC meme eheh

1. Choose 8 OC's, if you don't have eight, borrow some off of friends!
2. No changing the questions!
3. Tag some people after wards.
4. Add some questions of your own if you want!
5. Have fun.

1) Takamura
2) Mihael
3) Hugo
4) Jonathan
5) Gabriel
6) Aron
7) Nuno
8) Miguel

1) You are reading in a tree and then Takamura [1] calls for you; what does he/she want?

Takamura: hey...

Me: hum?

Takamura: ... there's a bee nest right next to you. *pulls glasses up his nose*

2) [5]Gabriel  tells you he/she needs help with an outfit because he/she is going out on a date with some one.

Gabriel: O///O *plays with his fingers* oh hum.. hey.. I was wondering... i-if you're not busy... you know... I don't... I need help... because... I don't know... o////o hum...

Me: e3e?  eh?

Gabriel: >////< I-I need h-help t-to chose an outfit please D//:

3) [4] Jonathan wakes you up in the night to tell you a secret, what is it?

Jonathan: O_O hey... hey *pokes*


Jonathan: I can't O_O... I gotta tell you something...

Me: e3e...?

Jonathan: .. *whispers* ... I... farted...

4) [3]Hugo falls for you! What do you do?

Me: O//A//O OH SHIT !

Hugo: *stalks* ...

Me: O_O I know he's here somewhere... I can feel it OAO

5) [7] Nuno and [1] Takamura are fighting over you. Do you stop them or walk away?

Me: OAO just stoooooooooooop! your fight doesnt even make sense! :iconyunoguyplz: Takamura, you're gay! and Nuno you're...

Nuno: O_O... ?

Me: just... creepy man... just creepy... the way you stare at people... OAO

6) You see [2]Mihael and [8]Miguel kissing! How do you feel?


Mihael: >:] MUAHAHA

Miguel: OAO OH GOD

7) [6] Aron asks you if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Aron: so =w= what about boyssss~?

Me: e3e... what about them?

Aron: <w< you know... stuff~~ any boyfriend around?

Me: O//A//O! STOOOOP! >//3//< *slaps his arm*

Aron: ahahah =w=

8) You all go to a theme park for the day and you go on a roller coaster! Only you get stuck at the very top with [2]Mihael


Mihael: AHAHAH this is the most amusing thing I've ever done... today! ahahahah >:] WOOHOO!

Me: SHUT UP!!! ;A;

Mihael: hey hey... wanna see something funny? >:] look there *points down*

Me: O_O *looks down* WAAAAAAAH OAO I KILL YOU ;A;

Mihael: ahahahaha >:]

9) You save [7]Nuno by doing his/her homework for him/her, he/she gives you a kiss on the cheek!

Me: o_e ... awkward...

Nuno: ... kinda... and I bet the homework is all wrong but... yeah thanks I guess

Me: e_e...

10) [1]Takamura tries to tell [6]Aron how he/she feels about him/her, you hear all of this.

Me: O_O

Takamura: I feel... that you're a very good friend and I could grow a crush on you but I'm no match for your girlfriend's boobs, so I'll just step aside...

Aron: O_O;... o-oh... ugh... thanks? ^_^;

Me: wut? ._.

11) What is the worst name [4]Jonathan has ever called you?

Jonathan: hey shorty! =w=

Me: O_O ... e________e

12) [3]Hugo adds you as a friend on Facebook.

Me: =w= uuuu OwO friend request~ I bet it's some creepy old dude =3=; *opens* ... OAO! HOLY COW

Hugo: just don't spam me with game requests... e__e

13) You come home late and [1]Takamura tells you that someone called for you earlier but you weren't in.

Takamura: hey someone called, but you weren't home so...

Me: really? O_O :iconawwwplz: awww who thought about calling me~?

Takamura: ... the tv services... asking if you want to buy the new channel package

Me: O_O... ;A;

14) You find out that [8] Miguel and [7] Nuno are going out.


Nuno: this isn't more weird to you than me okay?! D:<

Miguel: ._.

15) Who do you love most out of [2] Mihael and [6]Aron?

O_O that's hard... but... I'm guessing... ugh... damn Aron is the loyal friend/boyfriend everyone wants, super sweet and always there for his friends while Mihael is loyal to his girlfriend and he CAN be there for his friends but only the closest ones and has a harsh attitude on everyone... uuuugh Miha plays electric guitar, Aron plays bass... UUUGH I don't know ;A; maybe Mihael?

16) [4]Jonathan walks in on you showering, how do you react?

Me: O//A//O! YOU SON OF A B*TCH! *throws bottles of shampoo*

Jon: OAO! SORRY! wrong door!! and you keep my mother out of this D:<

17) [8]Miguel gives you a golden bracelet for you birthday, how do you thank them?

Me: :iconawwwplz: awww thank you sooo much!! *hugs*

Miguel: O//w//O

18) [1]Takamura  is STILL trying to get [6]Aron!

Aron: =3=... you know I'm.. not really into men...

Takamura: I know... just thought... we could hang out someday... as friends of course...

Aron: =w=;

19) [5] Gabriel takes you rock climbing and falls, do you catch him/her in time?</b>

Me: OAO! GABIIIIIII *grabs his hand*

Gabriel: OAO!

Me: ;A; TOO ... HEAVY!! *falls with him*

eheheh now whoever wants to do it go ahead =w=

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